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We Visualize from Chennai and Coimbatore. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then can you imagine the gravity of how much meaning hundreds of them snipped together, or in other words, a video can endow? This is a simple virtue Giant Films thrives upon. What makes us not just another brick on the wall is our passion for capturing moments before they tick away to bring together brands, people, communities and hopefully soon, nations. To pursue this undying dream, we've been going every extra mile possible to bring a smile to our audience, be it through corporate films, commercials, and feature films, all meticulously crafted by our dedicated in-house team.

Our team constitutes individuals who live to film, rather than the other way around. Conceptualization, Casting, Production, Direction, you name it, and Giant Film crew have their fingers on them, constantly improvising their way down-to- perfection. By blurring boundaries between these departments, we constantly encourage ourselves to explore every nitty-gritty of the art of perfect film-making. We are an integrated team working towards pre-production, production and post-production. Nurturing a strong Indo-US bond for years. Accolades such as being in the 'Limca Book of Records' just reflects our passion that go into everything we do.



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Our portfolio is synonymous to a reel that exhibits a wide array of films, all of which have made customers into evangelists for the brands we partner with. Our dedicated film crew ensure that the films speak of the superior digital experience, state-of-the-art designs and perfectly weaved customer stories, all to curate a brand identity and recall.



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We bring to the table the hallmarks that define impactful creative filmmaking- quality and precision .Giant Films dedicates its undivided attention, skill and passion to excel in principally three walks of film making:



Ad Films

Selling product being a major challenge in business, creativity a place in each consumers mind is the top priority. We make creative films for brands that recall their identity, retain their customers and break the clutter to give them a competitive edge over the others in the market...



Corporate Films

How much can you communicate about your company with your business card? That is why at Giant Films, we make corporate films that give the best introduction your enterprise possibly can. Be it history, your vision, mission, challenges, your dream, you name it and Giant will show it to the world...


Feature Films

If your dreams are big then you need to be here. As the name suggests, these set of films would be created, employing the best of imaginary and innovation to make it as captivating as possible through proactive teamwork and relentless synergy. Whether it is casting, production design, project execution or sales, we are confident about them all...

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A Visionary who spoke about The Power Of Dreaming !

RIP Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, India's most revered nuclear scientist, former President & Smiling Teacher who died on 27 Jul 2015. Which will now be marked as Students day! The tribute over billion population continues to flood just like the tears continue to roll over the cheeks.

Giant Films pays tribute to the man of Giant deeds, Giant thoughts, Giant vision...



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